An interesting article summarizing many thoughts regarding the gamification hype and the need for player experience as it moves forward.

Messification: Why Games Should Be Designed To Be Games First


While browsing the web I ran across a couple of interesting programs. One of the things I’ve been trying to organize for a while are the notes I take on a daily basis and the links I view. Evernote is an interesting solution to all the information that’s processed. The only issue I have with it is that it’s all server based and there doesn’t seem to be a hardcopy backup on a computer. Something I definitely want to look more into though, and perhaps use the trial.


GUI Design Studio is also another interesting technology. It makes me wonder how much more effective it is compared to Photoshop or Powerpoint, but it’s an interesting quick prototyping possibility.

GUI Design Studio

And for fun and since wearable technology is an interest of mine, a wearable keyboard on your pants. It makes sense; most of the time hands are idle on one’s legs. It would be fun to try out!
Keyboard pants