So I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this game since I heard about it being created, and especially since playing it at PAX this year. I have yet to only get to the mini-castle in World 2, but have some observations as of yet.

Cooperative play. My dad and I started playing this together, and quickly realized this game is not for a fan new to the Mario franchise. The controls are well done, but having knowledge of Mario timing and obstacles definitely help move the game along. Discussing strategy while playing is a different experience, as it isn’t so much backseat playing but instead, interactive. I can see experienced players finding this game very challenging, but I don’t know how well it would go in a group of varied skill levels.

Game Mechanics. The mechanics of freezing water enemies and having them float, and others sinking, have added new strategies besides just making it through unscathed. You now have to actually strategize where you target an enemy, not just getting them out of your way. Using flame from enemies and fire power as the only light sources in a level was a brillant way to expand the use of a power up.

Quick Save. Thank goodness! One of the features I really wanted to see in the Mario Brothers game for the Wii. I’m a person to play random amounts of time of a game and dislike the feeling of force to finish a portion of a game.

Dropping and adding players. Being able to add and drop players to a game is a great solution to progress. I was dreading the thought of having a different save file for everyone I play with. And having to repeat the levels for my single player files. I was really happy with finding this feature.

I would have to say, I have been much more active and vocal while playing this game than previous versions. Not only because it’s more interactive, but because the challenges are…well, challenging. I feel that I have really only skimmed the surface and can’t wait to find out more.