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The new Tintin trailer gives me hope they kept to the books/animations. So far it looks brilliant. It’s going to be a major nostalgia viewing, considering I watched it when I was a kid when it was coming out on Canadian TV. Here’s the most recent preview:

Talk about using space wisely!

Rice ball, scrambled eggs, and coleslaw bento.

I’m quite happy with how my first bento turned out! After only 3 years, I finally got around to making one. I love the box I bought for it. Now I can’t wait to explore more recipes to include! Just Bento has been a great resource in the past and I can’t wait to explore more of it!

For some reason tonight I got in the mood to cook. What came of it you may ask? See the following:

Banana Bread
Incredibly simple ingredients. Baked to the recipe orders. Remembered to adjust for my oven’s temperature difference (300=350) and realized halfway through that the tray needed to be raised :/ But I think overall turned out well! Very easy to make!

Rewards of the banana bread recipe

For some reason I really wanted coleslaw last week and in a moment of inspiration, decided to make it from scratch. I ended up making it from a combination of recipes, Mom’s Coleslaw” and Apple Coleslaw. The Nordstrom cafe makes some of the best coleslaw I’ve had, and they use either pear or apple, so I got the inspiration to do the same. I decided for some reason to switch to the mom’s coleslaw for the sauce and apple for the vegetables. The flavor seems to have turned out okay. I’ll have to see how it is tomorrow once it sets for a night.


First onigiri!

My first attempt at onigiri. I might have gone a bit strong on the salt on some I fear. But I like salt so it’s all good 🙂 I attempted some shapes (cat and owl) via cookie cutters. I think they came out decently! Definitely a good learning experience. Very easy to make. Next time I want to experiment with fillings. Not ume.

A video of a house in Japan that was designed around being only 1.7 meters across. Quite amazing to how it is laid out.

First off, while this video has already been heavily circulated, it is still adorable:

To make you think, a video essay on video gaming versus cinema:

And amusing, a functioning house of legos:

If only the BBC clips were available in the US :/

And if you’re curious about what’s in Mario’s closet: Mario’s Closet

Happy Holidays!

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