Two very interesting reads regarding gender and games culture:

To My Someday Daughter

Poignant reflection of state of gaming culture and gender, by Geordie Tait.

The Other Women Of Magic: Dating a Pro Player

Great read on what it’s like when a geeky passion may cause issues with relationships, and things to keep in mind for any geeky personality, regardless of gender.


The new Tintin trailer gives me hope they kept to the books/animations. So far it looks brilliant. It’s going to be a major nostalgia viewing, considering I watched it when I was a kid when it was coming out on Canadian TV. Here’s the most recent preview:

Not horrible rendition! I’m impressed!

Community episode – Advanced Dungeon and Dragons

A funny skit for the new year:

They always make me smile so passing on the feeling:

Very amusing video!

UPDATE: Article of the making of: Wired Article on Ok Go Rube Goldberg machine

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