While this looks cool, I could quickly see issues resulting from this system.

One, the lag is horrible. While it does what you want, could you imagine sitting there waiting 2 seconds for each song choice while going through iTunes? It’d get old after 5.

Two, they show Halo, but the gesture implies that they can only move forward and shoot. My question is, how do you turn left? Or change ammo? Or jump? All the functionality of an interactive game is limited to walking and shooting. Not much fun.

Three, I’m thinking they screen their comments on their website, which is frustrating. You will get critical feedback, and should be honest about it. One only needs to check out YouTube (sadly) to find some of these for the product.

Four, could you imagine holding your arm up like that for an extended amount of time? If you think yes, try and find a ParaPara machine, and tell me what you think after 3 songs on easy. Or even one difficult song for that matter. It will tell you quickly how holding your arms out for extended amounts of time doesn’t work so well.

So yes, while cool and has a foot up on the old PS2 EyeToy, I think there is a lot more consideration before going to camera gesture technology.