While a bit backlogged, Genericon XXII went well this year. It felt weird after being staff for the past 4 years and having some sort of responsibility, to come back as an Artists Alley participant and a volunteer, was an interesting experience.

Being in the Artists Alley was eye opening experience. It’s one thing to hear comments over the years from the artists, it’s another to experience it. More people need to know that it exists! I made it part of my mission over the weekend to go around the convention, advertising it’s location. I think one of the responses in the Video gaming room summed it up, when it was said, “We have an Artists Alley?”. I hope in some ways I encouraged people to at least wander over. As I get older, the the panels and artists alley becomes more of an interest to me. On a side note, for anyone who missed out on buying a Genericon XXIII T-shirt from us, you can now buy one online at http://geekyness.net. Unfortunately most of the knits I had planned to make were pushed to the side from gift knitting instead. Though I did manage to make some decent dice hair clips and a pretty bookmark. I was also attempting to sell some awesome jewelry handmade by Caiming, which can be found in her Etsy shop.

I was actually able to wander the convention a bit this year for the first time and sit down and play a game on Friday night. We managed to get through one round of Power Grid, after we finished going through the various other options available to us. An interesting game.

This year my friend Ian and I cosplayed Marisa and Reimu from Touhou. I really should make sure I actually know the character first, but it makes things a bit more interesting. I have to admit, it was one of the easier cosplays to wear, and I’m proud that I didn’t use a pattern for either of them. Though I did break down and buy Marisa’s white shirt and her hat. I’ll post pictures once I get them off my camera.

The OC Remix guys returned this year and were amazing once again. Echostream also performed in concert with awesome stage presence.

At Echostream's performance at RPI's Union.

At Echostream's performance at RPI's Union.

Post concert, due to scheduling, and Tom the Con Chair couldn’t be in two places at once (gotta work on that Tom), I ran Eye of Argon again. (The con chair traditionally runs two events at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights: Clay-o-rama and Eye of Argon). It’s a lot more fun the second time. I think it had to do with the fact I wasn’t responsible for what was going on outside the room. It was a fun group that was pretty laid back. It’s always fun to see the people who have never read it before who show up. Some parts are just impossible to get through without wondering what the author was thinking. Or blushing. I think one of the most interesting developments was when one of the participants could read it so well, that he integrated sound effects for individual punctuation. Which made the parts with dashes for emphasis all the better. If you haven’t participated in such an event (typically at science fiction conventions), I encourage checking it out. But don’t just look it up online. The group experience makes it unique.

On the way out of Troy, NY, I saw an interesting sign outage.

Commentary on Big Lots?

Commentary on Big Lots?

It was probably a lot funnier due to exhaustion from Sunday/the weekend, but it still makes me chuckle.

I wish Genericon all the best for next year. Good luck, Con Chair Justin!

Convention Robin response: Holy alumni power, Batman!