It’s a strange feeling, to see the stores and malls post holidays. It all seems to have a strange feeling. There’s less merchandise, sale signs everywhere. Stores have closing signs throughout. Only the larger stores like Target seem not to be suffering from the economic change. The game stores also show little change, but they were packed to begin with so it will probably take a bit longer to see the change in them. It’s really weird to see how fast things can change around you.

Finally starting to get back into my natural pattern of sleep and such after coming back to the east coast. All break I was staying up until 5am in the morning and getting up around 10am, which really doesn’t work too well. When I got back I somehow managed to completely flip my schedule, going to bed at 10pm and getting up at random times in the morning, like 3:30am to finally settling around 7:30am. It was weird to wake up without an alarm for once. But slowly I’m pushing myself back to my old schedule, though hopefully not as extreme. Body rhythms are weird.