I think one misconception about moving is that once things are out of boxes, everything will be manageable again. I find this to be false.

While I have no more shipping boxes around my apartment, instead I’m going through and figuring out what I have that I don’t need any more. Ebay certainly looks appealing right now. I’m certainly starting to understand that if you don’t need something, or don’t love it when you buy it, just don’t. You’re probably not going to actually get around to using it anyways.

Also, having a job doesn’t give you that much more time than when you’re in college. I thought I would have plenty of extra time for projects and such, but really, things fill up quite fast. Focusing time is still important, even though things aren’t quite as laid out or scheduled. Activities take time to travel to now, compared to being able to walk somewhere in 5-10 minutes.

Having calendars and lists are still very useful. Things just kind of flow together now instead of being separate. Blocks of time are no longer scheduled. I’m just glad a lot of my classes were project based, as this is kind of the scheduled maintained now.

Just some random thoughts šŸ™‚